An Outline of Natural and Modern Treatments for Herpes

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What Are The Most Common Anxiety Symptoms Experienced By People Today?The Herpes virus is very common, especially amongst females. The majority of people who experience this infection are females – about 1 in 6 carry this disease. It might be beneficial to some who have the virus to know that they are not alone and that many others have this disease too, however, natural remedies are available which can greatly reduce the symptoms or even cure the disease! A Herpes cure isn’t a sure fire method though and has a very low percentage of success, but it is worth striving for.

Natural remedies for Herpes have been used for thousands of years, and many herbs have actually been shown to be effective in the treatment of Herpes. The thing is, although these are herbs, they also can be toxic. Just because they’re natural, doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. One of the safer ways to treat this condition is using a hot bath. If blisters occur around the vagina or inside it, then this would be a good method to use. The virus can’t survive in hot conditions which makes this method a very reliable way to treat Herpes. One thing to be careful using hot water treatment is: make sure you clean the bath as it is possible the virus will spread on to somebody else. The chances are pretty low because it needs to remain in the human body to survive, but it’s still possible. How often should you use this treatment? Twice a day would be a good start, then you can start minimizing it if it isn’t an effective cure.

For Herpes to be eliminated, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy diet. Junk food or drinks, especially ones which are rich in acid such as soda should be avoided. Some natural products that may assist in the healing process are aloe-vera, cinnamon and tea tree oil. Vaseline may also be applied around the area, although this may block the skin spores and cause itching. The advantage of using Vaseline is that the pain will be reduced when you urinate. Also, drinking lots of water will dilute your urine and make urination less painful. Aciclover can also be used to treat Herpes, but in the long term there may be severe side effects. It is suggested to use this only when the pain is too much to handle.

Suppressive Treatment
When 6+ recurrent episodes of Herpes occur in the time span of a year, Aciclovir can be taken as a daily treatment method which often lasts for at least 6 months. Suppressive treatment can also be taken if the symptoms are very severe, but not in any other circumstances. As the name suggests, this is to reduce further outbreaks from happening and will aid in preventing the spread of Herpes. If you are worried of spreading the disease to your partner, make sure you use a condom as this will reduce the chances of spreading the disease immensely. Also be very wary of sores which may come in contact with your partner during sex.

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