Drugs or bath salts choose wisely

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Drugs or bath salts choose wiselyThe entire year has had a lot of speculations being made over bath salts. And now they have been in the headlines for quite some time. Even so that there are some countries in the world that have banned the usage of these bath salts as well. These salts according to research are not therapeutic salts but salts that have drugs induced in them which are just being sold under the tag of bath salts.

The ingredients that are being suspected are the MDPV or mephedron and as well as methylone which are harmful chemicals. These chemicals that are used in bath salts are nothing but cheap imitations of heroine, morphine and ecstasy. Any good company that manufactures bath salts does not as a rule use these substances in their products. They use natural ingredients such as Epsom salts and essential salts. And most importantly they are made out of very good quality of salts and oils and may include sea weed as well which is very expensive. These products are 100% organic and can cause no harm when used.

Designer drugs

These bath salts are known as designer drugs but there is nothing new in that. These days synthetic marijuana is also easily available and people are selling it as incense and this drug is very dangerous and can prove to be harmful as well. And they are not meant for human consumption. However till the time MDPV is not banned it will continue to find a way in bath salts and ruin the image that popular bath salt companies have made for themselves.

Lots of variety

What makes the issue even more complicated is that there are many chemists that are way beyond the law. And hence when these substances can be temporarily banned they will make a come back sooner or later.

Bath salts are ideal for those days when you are really tired and want to relax. They can be used in a nice hot bubble bath and at the end you will feel very refreshed it is like going to the spa. Except at a much lower price. These bath salts come in different flavors and colors. You can even choose one according to your mood.

 Check for authenticity

So how do you know that the bath salt that is you are buying is authentic and not a fake drug induced bath salt? Well good and original bath salts like Legale Droge Badesalz are100% authentic and are only sold in reputed stores and cost about $ 5 to $ 100 and the come in specific packages. Designer drugs can be found in any liquor shop or even adult shops and in pharmacy as well. They are not meant to have a bath with, you can inject them or even snort them they are very highly priced.

Thus make sure that whenever you go to buy bath salts check the authenticity before making a choice. It is better to pay for a good quality bath salt rather than getting caught with the sleazy designer drugs. These salts are meant to make you feel calm and relaxed and not addicted to drugs.

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