Healthy eating and the instant gratification generation

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In today’s busy environment, home cooked meals and fresh produce have been replaced in many homes by take-aways, ready meals and frozen convenience food. This means that we are no longer eating as healthily as the population did a few decades ago and our bodies are lacking essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which we would get from healthy eating.
As a generation which has been described as wanting instant gratification, we rely on snacks and meals that are ready in minutes and generally there seems to be a lack of concern about the additives, chemicals or composition of the food we are using to fuel our body.
Supplements and Substitutes

Protein shakes, vitamin tablets, isotonic drinks and supplement powders have replaced a large amount of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we used to consume in the past. High performance athletes rely on synthetic energy boosters and even the average man on the street seems to be using protein shakes or powders to build muscle, boost energy or lose weight.

While there is a time and place for these supplements, a balanced diet is still an essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and these products should never be used to replace this. They should simply complement an existing dietary plan or exercise program. The BBC recently asked scientists to create their perfect meal and their solution was actually quite simple. Fish, potatoes, broccoli and carrots were deemed the ideal meal option. A meal made from these ingredients is quick and simple to make, illustrating that maintaining a healthy diet is actually possible even when pressed for time.

Balanced Diets and Nutritional Needs

Maintaining a balanced diet can be complicated but sites such as offer consumers a range of exceptionally healthy ready meals, cakes, health bars and high protein products as well as supplements and vitamins. This allows consumers to utilise a take away or delivery service that has added benefits and is perhaps setting the standard for takeout options for the health-conscious consumer of the future.

Daily nutritional needs should not be ignored as the body needs the correct dose of vitamins and minerals to grow, build, repair and heal naturally. A healthy diet also helps us to avoid conditions such as heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes and allows us to avoid weight related problems that can lead to obesity or other illnesses.

Supplements and vitamins are a great way to boost the immune system if you are feeling run down but they are not a permanent solution to lack of nutrition. It is important that you always observe the correct dosage of vitamins or supplements, as the body can only absorb a certain amount and if fighting off an infection, it does not need to have to focus energy on breaking down additional nutrients it cannot use.

As an instant gratification generation that uses technology for almost anything, anywhere, any time we can use the same technology to our benefit. Steamers, microwaves and online shopping services can help us to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle with minimal effort, and we will reap the rewards in a multitude of ways.

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