How Exactly Mitral Valve Repair Surgery is Performed?

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How Exactly Mitral Valve Repair Surgery is Performed?For a healthy body, it is important to have a functional heart because it is the major part which is connected to various part of the body. The mitral-or left hand-valve of the heart is one such area. Mitral valve is itself a complex structure that controls the entire blood flow to the body through heart’s left side. It generally opens and closes at regular period, allowing blood from the lungs to enter and exit the heart’s main pumping chamber.

When there is a malfunction in the area, the mitral valve can flow backward that leads to many health problem to the person. These health issues can be cardiac arrest or any other heart problem which later needs mitral valve repair surgery. This is the most delicate surgery that is being undertaken by surgeon and they need to understand and read the problem properly before the surgery takes place. Depending upon the condition of the heart and the patient’s general health, the cardiac surgeon will determine which type of mitral valve repair surgery is the best option to go for and make it success.

Generally, this valve repair is a major procedure that requires patient to be placed under anesthesia. cut of approximately ten inches is made in the sternum and the rib cage is spread open to allow the surgeon access to the heart. In many cases, surgeons generally perform the repair act by a ring annuloplasty. This is the procedure performed to ring like portion surrounding the valve, tissue or metal around. These are the two major parts that are opened and closed during the surgery.

When the replacement is done, damaged valve is removed. During this process, mechanical valve is sewn place of the original. By doing this, new valve is constructed. Once the entire replacement process is done, catheters are placed around heart for easy flow of fluid to drain. Healing of the breastbone takes up to six weeks, and the wires will remain inside the body.

There are surgeons who consider treating patients with minimally invasive mitral valve repair. In this procedure, small incision-generally two inches or so-under the right breast can offer the surgeon a direct view of the mitral valve through the use of an endoscopic tool. Once the surgeon gets access to the heart for the surgery, the mitral valve can be reshaped using the tissue. In some cases, there is excess tissue which is removed to achieve the similar effect.

Generally, minimally invasive cardiac surgery results into shorter recovery for the patient. Once the surgery is done, patients can return back to the normal life but need to take useful care. With valve repair there is very less chance of bleeding and usually lasts for replacement valve.

Each patient is different from other and the heart problem can also vary from other. It is important for the patient to have consultation with surgeon who will examine the problem and accordingly will provide the surgical solution for the same. with the advancement in technology, the process has become quite easier and faster. Moreover, it is more dependable to avoid any problem. You can check with the nearest heart surgeon who will provide you with the best solution. With this development, patient can get the guarantee of longer life without any health problem in future. However, make sure to follow the health tips from the surgeon to avoid any kind of problem in future.

So once you are fully ready to go under knife, you can surely get confident of having better life.

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