How Much Will You Be Paid As A Mental Health Nurse?

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In the event that you are good at communicating with people and you want to help those that suffer from mental health problems, you may want to consider the mental health jobs that are available. The mental health nurse will work win community locations or in hospitals in order to support those that suffer from various different mental health problems.

The nurse needs to be non-judgmental and sympathetic. The trust of the patient has to be gained and emotional situations have to be managed. In order to begin your career as a nurse click here. Let us now talk more about what your work requirements will be and how much you can expect to be paid.

Regular Work Week

The mental health nurse normally works around 37 hours per week. This does include potential night shifts, bank holidays, evenings and weekends because of the fact that care may be needed at any point in time. Extra hours and part time work are, of course, available.

You can be employed by outpatient departments, hospitals, specialist units or healthcare centers. In the event that you would work with offenders, a special hospital or a secure unit will be where you will conduct your work. When doing work in the community, work day shifts are usually offered. Even so, different nurses will operate on an on-call rate to deal with emergencies.

Salary Expectations

Since you are here, this is what you mostly want to know. According to the NHS, the regular salaries offered are as follow:

  • Nurse consultant – Band 8 A to C – £38,000 to £67,000
  • Advance nurse – Band 7 – £30,400 to £40,100
  • Specialist nurse – Band 6 – £25,500 to £34,100
  • Newly qualified nurse – Band 5 – £21,000 to £27,500

In the London area you can receive an extra allowance that varies from 5 to 20 percent based on inner city proximity. Shift work is almost always typical and if you are looking for a setting that has regular working hours, your best approach is to go for community jobs. Nowadays most of the mental healthcare industry is community based with various functions being provided by social care assistants and healthcare assistance.

Mature graduates will usually enter nursing as second career options. In the UK we can find various vacancies available in main urban regions. Extra specializations include child and adolescent mental health or inpatient services.

Keep in mind that the personal commitment you have to showcase is high and the working patterns are usually tough. This means that it is hard to maintain a proper work-life balance. In different environments you are at risk to patient violence exposure and you may need to leave your home at nights based on where you work. Daily travel is usually common for the community psychiatric nurses.


Mental health nurses are paid really well but it is not a career that is for everyone. You really need to want to help people and you should not get in this line of work simply because of the offered salary.

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