How to incorporate the health benefits of eggs into your diet

Posted on 23. May, 2014 by in Health

Eggs have long been a key part of any balanced diet. Most people are aware that bodybuilders and serious athletes often consume large amounts of egg whites to increase their protein intake.

For the rest of us though, eggs are often just a small part of the diet and they are not always cooked in the best way to release their potential health benefits. When fried up as they often are as part of a cooked breakfast, there is a lot of fat in eggs.

This is in no part due to the eggs themselves, but purely due to the way they are cooked and the fat that they’re cooked in. It is also worth considering the benefits of eating egg whites alone rather than eating the whole egg.

Eggs in weight loss

According to the Huffington Post the protein in eggs, when cooked in a healthy way, can stop you from feeling the need to snack in the evenings. This is because it makes you fuller and more satisfied, not just straight after eating them but for the whole day. This can make it worthwhile incorporating eggs into your diet early in the day in order to combat late night food cravings.

Disease prevention

We have all heard of antioxidants and their benefits when it comes to fighting diseases such as cancer. What you may not know is that cooked eggs contain as many antioxidants as apples, making them a major factor in the fight against both cancer and heart disease. Since in most of the developed world these are two of the major killers, it is well worth considering upping your intake of eggs.

Egg whites instead of whole eggs

There are many benefits in egg whites without the calories associated with use of the whole egg. As well as calories, the cholesterol in eggs is contained in the yolk. If you eat one whole egg, you consume your entire recommended daily intake of cholesterol. By consuming only the white, you remove most of the calories and all of the cholesterol. This is why egg white liquid such as that available from is so popular among athletes and fitness fanatics.

Eggs in pregnancy

Vitamins and minerals are important in the diet at any time, but they are particularly essential for pregnant women as they are needed for the development of the baby. There is a B vitamin called choline that is essential for brain development in the baby. Consuming plenty of choline reduces the risk of disorders of the brain.

Incorporating eggs into the diet

You could consider using egg whites in smoothies or eat eggs as snacks, particularly before exercise. The protein content is a great source of energy for anaerobic exercise such as running. Egg whites can also be mixed with herbs, spinach, onions and other vegetables to make frittatas as part of a healthy lunch or dinner.

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