How to Lose Weight Fast Using Garcinia Cambogia

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Garcinia cambogia has been christened the Holy Grail of weight loss due to the effectiveness with which this weight loss supplement works. It is true that this is undoubtedly the number one weight loss supplement as people who have used it before have seen positive results.

Weight Loss

Drop weight fast

However, for this garcinia extract to work effectively, you must adhere to the recommended dosage. Two, you need to assume a healthy lifestyle that will give the extract a conducive environment to work in.

You should shed substantial weight during the first 10 days of using this extract. This, however, is dependent on how much you follow the recommended dosage. Reviews show that some people lose approximately 5 pounds in five days of taking this extract. Thus, you too can lose similar weight if you follow the following tips.

Tips on how to lose weight fast with garcinia extract

-       Follow the recommended dosage

The recommended dosage for this garcinia extract is 3000mg. This means that you should by no means exceed 3000mg per day, and you should too strive to take something close to 3000mg. It is advisable to sub-divide this 3000mg into 3 portions to take thrice daily. This will be in the form of 1000mg in the morning, 1000mg at noon and the remaining 1000mg in the evening. You too are advised to take these supplements before meals so that they can have maximum effectiveness.

Different health technicians will give you different dosages for this weight loss supplement depending on the level of your fat. For effective functioning, do not take less than 1500mg of this extract per day. This is due to the fact that low amounts of this garcinia cambogia may not work efficiently due the inability to deal with high amounts of fat.

-       Timing when taking the dosage

Health experts recommend that you take this weight loss supplement about one hour before your main course meal. If you take your breakfast at 7AM, it would be recommended you get up one hour before so that you take this supplement at 6 in the morning. This should also be applied during other meals, i.e. lunch meal and supper. The reason behind this recommendation is that this weight loss supplement takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to get absorbed into the consumer’s bloodstream.

-       Take lots of water daily

When taking this weight loss supplement, ensure you accompany it with a full glass of water. Water is very vital during this period.

  • One, water helps in fast absorption of garcinia extract into the consumer’s bloodstream thus bringing desired effects fast.
  • Two, garcinia cambogia is a metabolism booster. Metabolism enhancers will naturally require much water. Thus, garcinia cambogia will need lots of water for it to be effective.

Health experts recommend 8 glasses of water per day for optimal functioning of this particular weight loss supplement.

-       Lead a healthy life

It’s important that you lead a decent and healthy life. This is aimed to maximize the effectiveness of this extract. However, garcinia cambogia does not dictate you lead a holy life. It is actually not as strict as the typical diet supplements that have compulsory workouts and particular food types you must eat. Garcinia extract allows you to leave a normal typical lifestyle, eat what you want and drink what pleases you. However, you are obliged to ensure you maintain a balanced diet, do some workouts as well as keeping off drugs. This is in order to enable the weight loss supplement to work efficiently.

Garcinia cambogia is an easy weight loss supplement to commit to. It doesn’t need so much attention like other weight loss supplements. The points noted above are aimed at helping you maximize on the positive effects of this supplement. You can get more information from sites that deal with this supplement such as (garcinia cambogia) as it contains all the info you need.

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