Keep office health at its peak: try these hygiene tips

Posted on 22. Aug, 2014 by in Health

A world away from the pristine front of most workplaces, a filthy secret is lurking. That’s right, office hygiene is at a disgusting low in many businesses across the country, and the number of sick employees is making it difficult to hide.

According to a recent survey, around 42 per cent of people at work regularly perform a “flush and run” when they use the facilities. What’s a flush and run, you ask? Leaving the toilet without washing your hands.Bleugh.

It’s a habit that should flash up warning signs for any hygiene-conscious employer. In the average office, a keyboard contains more bacteria than a toilet seat, and the number of people not washing their hands exacerbates the issue.

Think of yourself as being like a traffic warden for germs, making it your job to weed out the filth merchants in your office and direct them towards some antibacterial soap.

But what can you do in your office to help wash away your office’s filthy secret?

Keep those digits dry

The average bacterium can grow and divide every 20 minutes, and a single bacterium can multiply into more than eight million cells in 24 hours.

They’re terrifying figures, and they’re exacerbated when people don’t dry their hands after washing them. You could have scrubbed those digits to within an inch of their life, but that won’t stop germs multiplying if you don’t dry them afterwards.

Bacteria thrives in damp areas, so invest in roller towels to ensure your employees will be able to dry their hands and stop bacteria spreading.

Get staff in the loop

You could have your workplace kitted out like some high-tech hygiene haven, but that won’t mean much if your employees don’t know about it.

Keeping your staff in the loop when it comes to hygiene awareness can help remind them the importance of keeping clean and stymy the spread of germs. With constant reminders, be it via staff emails or informational posters, those less, shall we say, “fresh” members of your team will get the message fast.

Keep floors clean

Thanks to feet dragging muck from outside, dirty floors are one of the major hazard zones of any office.

Thanks to bugs, errant hair and skin cells, food debris and muck trailed in from outside, floors can be teeming with harmful bacteria before even a single day is done.

The solution to this is simple. Clean your carpeting regularly to remove those germs in an instant. However, you could also consider replacing that mucky carpeting with wooden floors – a workplace with floorboards is said to have one-tenth of the dirt of wall-to-wall carpets.


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