Marihuana – The Miracle Drug?

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The human mind is as complex as it’s studied; the need to relax and soothe the senses becomes important to avoid fatigue and depression caused due to stress and other factors which are now part of your everyday routine. After a long day, it’s human to crave for an antidote to summer down the stain and an impulsive thought process. You tend to feel restless and repulsive as you try to find the soft corner of a bed which was solely created to relax the body however it doesn’t always satisfy the need!

So what do we do to find peace?

Many individuals try listening to soothing music, meditation or other means through which they can attain a relaxed state of mind. The solution is not actually in the medium used but what the mind wishes to accept as a cure.

Similarly, many individuals find the inner peace and a solution to fatigue and depression by consuming marijuana after a long day’s work or even during the day. Natural as its essence is, the cannabidiol content in this Marihuana herb helps relax human senses and can also act as an anti-depressant or a pain killer. Unlike other substances, it is not an addictive drug and only a high dosage causes hallucination or side effects. In most countries, it is considered as a banned substance and is seen as a drug that is misused especially by teenagers. However, it all depends on the human mind and the way perception plays its cards to judge the true essence of the drug.

To quote an example, you come across a set of individuals who can remain normal and steady after mass consumption of alcohol while the rest start to behave differently and lose control of their senses. The reason this happens is because of the individual’s will to perceive and to accept alcohol as either a relaxant or a medium through which they completely lose control of their senses. In other words, it’s a mind trick!

This substance can be categorized into 2 types namely, Indica and Satvia. The Indica helps reduce stress and does not cause hallucination until consumed in a large amount and acts as a soother to relax the mind and senses and help the individual find peaceful sleep. On the other hand, The Satvia aggravates the pulse rate and causes hallucinations which can be best consumed for medical reasons or during celebrations where it acts as a stimulant to spark euphoria and excitement.

Medical Values and Consumption

In a few countries, doctors prescribe this miracle herb - Marihuana to individuals suffering from Eye and Cardiac problems and also as an ailment to pain and depression. The cannabinoids enriched in this herb helps stimulate appetite and is prescribed by doctors to AIDS affected individuals to battle depression and facilitate hunger. Sighting the medicinal values, many countries like Germany, Netherlands and Uruguay have legalized the consumption of this drug however in most of the countries, it’s a banned substance and individuals found under possession or influence are treated as law breakers and are taken to task. The majority of users roll up this herb into a joint with a mixture of tobacco and a cotton bud to filter the sooth. The traditional users use pipes and wooden pots with a linen cloth to act as a filter to smoke. The seeds from the plant also have medicinal values and are often used while baking cakes and other foodies.

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