What Are The Most Common Anxiety Symptoms Experienced By People Today?

Mental Health for Today’s Teens

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Mental illnesses are affecting many people in modern society. Once reason is the fact that contemporary society focuses more on material things and less on building healthy relationships. Most parents of today are not connected with their children and are not aware on the events in the lives of their children. There is no doubt that teen years are the some of the best times in the lives of many people. There are a lot of things a teenager can enjoy; there are also a lot of challenges a teenage will have to face. When the mental health of a teenage is not stable, a number of problems occur. Unhealthy mental status of a teenager results to negative mental disposition in every aspect of life. This situation can be either be a typical teen tantrum or a mental health disorder.

What Are The Most Common Anxiety Symptoms Experienced By People Today?

According to statistics, a number of teenagers are going through a myriad of problems as a result of unstable mental health. This problem is common among teenagers in the ages of 11 years to 18 years and seven percent of the overall population of teenagers is affected. These teenagers have serious mental disturbances triggered by their relationship in the family, school and the community. It should be noted that mental health problems are severe and painful for teenagers.

Some of the common health mental disorders present in lives of teenagers are Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depression, schizophrenia and eating disorders.

Anxiety disorders

According to statistics, ten teenagers out of one hundred teenagers are suffering from anxiety disorders which can cause panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobia.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes it hard for a teenager to focus on things and he is easily distracted. A teenager suffering from this problem cannot keep quiet, cannot concentrate and you ca find him doing a number of things with little concentration.

Bipolar disorder

This is also called manic depressive illness and it is characterized by exaggerated mood swings between highs and lows. This problem is hard to spot in the lives of teenagers because you can easily regard them for typical moodiness depression. This is because, the mood swings in adults is quite different from the mood swings in teenagers.


Depression in teenagers affects every facet of his life. When the problem is not attended to, it can lead to a number of problems such as frequent mood swings, problems in school, alcoholism, drugs abuse, thoughts of suicide amongst many others.

Eating disorders

This problem can be life threatening because the affected teenager can forget to eat or loose appetite hence adopting very poor eating habits that can make him very unhealthy. The teenager may feel to purge the food after eating or the feeling to binge.

Teenagers are put through plenty of emotional stress. They are on the verge of becoming adults. It can be a difficult phase. One must be aware of the differences between typical teen tantrums and health disorders. Being covered by insurance, like an EHIC, will help you to with affordable medical check-ups and healthcare for you and your entire family.

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