The Different Types of Cosmetic Surgeries

Posted on 12. Dec, 2011 by in Health

Cosmetic surgeries are one of the latest trends in today’s vast healthcare industry. More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgeons and clinics to have their facial skin improved, have their breasts enlarged, their tummies tightened, their bellies rid of fat, and so on. People, especially women, have become unhappy with how they look as well as their self-esteem lowered and affected thus resulting in consultations with cosmetic experts to improve the physical flaws that exclusive soap bars and skin creams cannot do in a fixed amount of time. Some of the many types of cosmetic surgeries include rhinoplasty and otoplasty. Rhinoplasty also goes by another term – nose lift. Women who wish to improve the figure or size of their nose go for the procedure.

Also, individuals who have a disfigured nose caused by a former accident or a birth defect opt for this type of treatment to repair their nose. Moreover, individuals having nasal or breathing complications also opt for rhinoplasty. Meanwhile, otoplasty is a surgical procedure that focuses on fixing disfigured ears. In a few cases, people have disfigured ears caused by past accidents or birth complications. In some cases, the ear’s structure leads to partial or complete hearing loss if not treated earlier. This being said, people opt for otoplasty to repair the problem.

Another type of cosmetic surgery which is mainly focused on female genitalia is Labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the labia minora or the small labia. This part of the vagina is comprised of folds of mucosal tissue that have the ability to be expanded or enlarged, which results in excess skin. This complication may be caused by pregnancy, inflammation or infection, or genetic defects.

When left untreated, the excess parts of the labia minora will droop below the larger labia or labia majora, which may present certain complications in an intimate aspect as well as when the individual is wearing a swimsuit or tight jeans. This being said, if you think you have an expanded labia minora, getting treated as soon as possible is more than essential. The cost, however, is a variable worth considering as the surgery’s expenses range from $3000 to $5000 covering only the anesthesia, doctor’s fee and the operating room and not the medication for post-operative care.

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