The Importance of Controlling your Diabetes

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Once you have been diagnosed with being diabetic it is important that you fully understand what that means for your life and what changes you will need to make to accommodate these changes to make sure you stay healthy.  There are risks of having your diabetes go untreated and uncontrolled, some of which are life threatening.

1)      Know your Disease

There is a lot of information available to you on what diabetes is. The most basic definition of diabetes is that the body is unable to produce enough of the hormone insulin into the blood stream to balance out the amounts of glucose. There are three kinds of diabetes;

  • Type I is an insulin dependent diabetes and usually has an onset before or during adolescents. Type I means that there isn’t any insulin or not enough insulin being produced by the pancreas. Type I is a genetically predisposition and can’t be prevented, it simply is predetermined by your genetics.
  • Type II can be insulin dependent depending upon the severity of the diabetes. Type II usually as an onset that is later in life and has a lot to do with the lifestyle of the person affected by it has.
  • Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that can only happen to pregnant women. The woman will experience elevated amounts of glucose in her bloodstream because of the hormone fluctuate of pregnancy affecting the production of insulin. With gestational diabetes the woman usually returns to her pre-pregnancy state and both she and the baby are fine.

2)      Watch your Diet

You need to make sure that you are eating healthy and watching portions. A good way to make sure that you are eating healthy is to follow the Plate Method. Basically divide your plate into 4 quarters. With two of the four quarters put non starch vegetables. Some examples include; cauliflower, salad, broccoli, carrots, spinach and green beans.  One of the remaining quarters of your plate is for the protein, like lean meats, eggs and tofu. Try and keep the meat lean most days and saving the fattier meats for the occasional meal. The last quarter of your place is meant for the starches, examples include bread, pasta, potatoes, corn and rice. In addition to this Plate Method be sure to keep fiber intake high, don’t overdo it on diary and keep sweets for special occasions.  To ensure healthy eating habits when you are on the go, be sure to always have healthy snacks available to you.

3)      Be Active

Daily exercise is important in managing diabetes, It will not only keep your body healthier and make you feel better it will also help keep extra pounds off. Controlling you weight is essential in controlling your diabetes.

4)      The Right Supplies

In order to properly monitor your glucose levels it is important to have a glucose meter and other diabetes testing supplies. For information on what supplies you need and convenient shipping options click here. You can also receive free diabetic test strips when ordering.

5)      Keep your Risks Low

Not controlling your diabetes can affect your overall health and affect your mood too. It is important to take the disease seriously and be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor.

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