The Miracle Cure Review: A Cheap Guide to Heal Diseases?

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Possibly you are reading this article review because you wish to be cured or one of your loved ones maybe. You want to know if “The Miracle Cure” is exactly what it claims to be. Kevin Richardson gives me the opportunity to review his health guide and he’s confident that everyone will benefit from it. It gives me the chills knowing that this abundant nutrient available to all can cure even the incurables. I’ll help you decide whether “The Miracle Cure” could really help you or not.

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Who Is The Man Behind “The Miracle Cure”

Kevin Richardson, an independent natural health practitioner and researcher is the author and publisher of “The Miracle Cure.” I’m not a fan of self-help books but having stumbled upon his health guide made me curious. I’m not convinced at the beginning, but it became clearer to me as I progressed through the book. Kevin Richardson laid out the evidences and theories on the guide, shockingly the therapy introduced since 1890s. It never did gain any traction, though government agencies are using similar therapies as stated in “The Miracle Cure.”

Twenty Three Secrets And Benefits Found In The Guide

“The Miracle Cure” is focused on oxygen and Kevin Richardson shows different methods to introduce oxygen into our body. This is important because healing depends on the cells being filled with oxygen.  You can take advantage on the following benefits for 60 days, free of charge and if you are not satisfied then get a refund.

  1. Discover oxygen-boosting foods that naturally increase the oxygenating power of your blood.
  2. The specific vitamin that increase red blood cell supply to double the oxygen consumption through your whole body.
  3. An easy 15 minute exercise  to remove body toxins.
  4. A “16 Day Dosing Chart” that shows you how to do home therapy with a maintenance schedule for illnesses.
  5. Make a refreshing “oxygen bath” to cure skin problems.
  6. Two minerals that boost your cells oxygen.
  7. Learn the proper breathing per minute to increase your oxygen intake.
  8. Discover a honey, abundant in “oxygen water”.
  9. The secret of athletes on how to restore their broken organs and tissues.
  10. Two vitamins to intake during treatments to boost its effectiveness.
  11. Stop development of cancerous skin in a week using “soak method”.
  12. An oxygen therapy recognized as an effective way and safe to cure brain damage, fibromyalgia, children with autism and stroke paralysis.
  13. Oxygen therapy that melt tumors.
  14. Immune yourself against the “cold season”.
  15. The twenty one approved medical illnesses that allows oxygen therapy.
  16. A directory of approved oxygen therapists in your area.
  17. See the truth to depression and mood swings.
  18. Secret treatment from digestive problems, candida and any yeast infection.
  19. Remove plaque from the arteries permanently.
  20. Know how to stop “Free Radicals” to reduce your wrinkles and any age related conditions.
  21. Four non veggie ingredients that boost oxygen.
  22. Discover an “oxygen water” to sterilize food, protection from harmful and unwanted bacterias.
  23. 23.   Sixteen ways to make your home eco-friendly using formulas of Hydrogen Peroxide.

What The Program Is Lacking

Oxygen therapy has more to offer than the 23 benefits specified. I’m not sure if it’s me or the guide still lack in benefits. Oxygen therapy has been around since 1890s and more hidden secrets should be shown. Oxygen is free and abundant but the therapy is tedious to do. I do recommend to see a specialist before having the therapy. It’s good that the book have a section for the approved therapists.


The “Miracle Cure” covers a wide variety of therapies to heal and prevent any illness. Frankly, it is quite affordable as compared to other health guides.  This program is one of the best investments I have made so far, among others. So, you have to go through yourself to appreciate its benefits. Start to experience the power of oxygen therapy,  do it at home or at one of the 110 clinics provided in the resource section!


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