Tips for Lifting Weights: Bench Press

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Before going to a Manhattan beach gym for the first time, you want to make sure that you know what you are doing. Of course, you are going to learn a lot about lifting weights when you are there, especially if you have a personal trainer, but knowing the basics before you show up can help you to avoid injury and get the best results. These tips can help.

Tips for Lifting Weights Bench Press

1. Make sure that you are hydrated.

If you are not well hydrated, you are going to have less energy and you could even get more cramps. If you are just running on a treadmill, you can easily get off, but the same is not true if you are in the middle of a lift. Drink enough water before you go and while you are there.

2. Stretch out.

Do not just throw yourself down on the bench and start lifting. You need to stretch first, in a standing position. It also does not hurt to stretch your pectoral muscles by reaching out and grabbing the weights while lying on the bench. Furthermore, you should grab the bar and lift yourself up once or twice before lifting so that your muscles are ready for the motion.

3. Start small and build up.

You are going to see people at the gym doing the bench press with multiple 45-pound weights on each side. Do not aim too high right away. You need to start with a small amount and build up through incremental increases.

The more you approach the half-century mark of life, the more you should focus you develop strength. If you do not do any resistance exercise, lose about 10 percent of your muscle mass between 25 and 50. Entity 50 and 80, you lose another 35%. Do not let the weights and do your cardiovascular exercises, will help you stay healthy.

To lose weight you must reduce caloric intake. But this causes a major problem. As you clip the calories decreases the metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories. The higher your metabolic rate the more calories you burn even at rest.

But there is good news the more muscle you have the higher the metabolic rate. He had asked why young people can eat many more calories than older people without gaining weight. Young people generally have more muscle mass than older people and therefore have a higher metabolic rate. As we age, eating the same amount of calories leads to weight gain.


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