Top Tips to Apply Travel Insurance with Medical Condition

Posted on 15. May, 2014 by in Medical insurance

Nowadays, you don’t have to make changes to your travelling plans owing to any medical problem that you think might stop you from doing so. Many people with a certain medical condition travel with the cover of travelling insurance. However, it is vital that you know how to apply for these insurance policies so that you do not have to end up forgetting about all your money invested as insurance premiums.

Read on to find some useful tips to save yourself from giving up on your travel insurance premium from the blunder of not knowing how to expose your medical situations when you bought your insurance.

It is of vital importance to know precisely the nature of your medical condition. Whether you have an injury or illness that has been an ongoing affair during the insurance application procedure, the travel insurance for people with medical conditions is the most appropriate solution for such cases. The designated tenure varies from insurer to insurer and it could be for several months or years for the various nature of the illnesses the insurance deals with. The most common medical problems are asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Make your Travel Companion Insured

Whoever is travelling with you, friends or family, make sure he or she is insured as well. The already existing medical problems of every single family member must be mentioned clearly and separately.

Your Travel Destination

Make sure that you add your family members, travelling with you are covered under your policy. They may want to claim that you need to cancel or cut short your holiday or travelling plans because you fell ill. It is advisable to purchase your travel insurance from the specialists as they will be more understanding towards your medical condition and the policy will be custom made for you. You might want to change your location to Europe rather than Canada, United States of America, or the Caribbean. Insurance can be very costly in these parts. This of course, does not mean that you cannot get covers outside Europe but of course the premiums will be more expensive.

Read Details of your Travel Insurance Policy

Find out whether your travel insurance policy covers cost of personal belonging and documents along with medical conditions.  Also, it is important to find out whether they include covering costs that could be incurred due to any type of journey disruption, eg. delayed or cancelled flights.

Doctors Vs. Insurers

When doctors are giving someone a certificate saying “fit to travel”, they have a protocol to follow, which is quite different from the criterion followed by the insurers checking your medical condition. They take certain statistics into consideration to draw out the conditions under which the client can claim for an insurance claim. Depending upon the premium of the policy, the company will then decide whether to grant insurance or not.

It is not just the medical cost an insurance policy covers. If, for instance again, a traveller needs a medical treatment has a companion with him or her, it is a matter of comfort to remain with the invalid instead of returning home. This would mean extra hotel costs and rearrangement of air fares after the patient is discharged and declared fit to travel again. Sometimes, it can be necessary for a doctor or a nurse to accompany the patient who has been in a hospital to ensure maximum protection. Sometimes, it is vital for the patient to be repatriated by an airborne ambulance as well.

Before getting travel insurance for people with medical conditions that covers the travelling, make sure you consider all the above-mentioned points. Let them make the decision. It is of a lot of help if you do not decide yourself as a misjudgement on your part can cost you an awful lot of money.

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