What are some of the top tips to lose weight?

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Excess weight can affect your health, wellbeing and happiness, but often the resolution to lose weight may be a knee-jerk decision, occurring before a wedding, birthday celebration or holiday. This kind of short-term mentality often means the weight loss you achieve will be temporary, as maintained weight loss requires continued effort and willpower.

Weight loss decisions: Quick fix or way of life?

The decision to lose weight is personal and tips for losing weight vary according to the circumstances surrounding the decision to lose weight and the person themselves. Short-term weight loss becomes unhealthy if it takes the form of starve-binging, and surgical options such as gastric band surgery carry their own risks. Longer-term weight loss involves carefully thought out eating and exercises for greater well-being.

Quick fix weight loss

Quick-fix weight loss solutions may include fad diets, diet pills and a number of starve-binge strategies, which could lead to addictive behaviours and poor physical and mental health.

Long-term weight loss tips and healthy living

Deciding to change your living patterns is courageous. Weight is not lost overnight, and the commitment to losing weight takes effort and time. Information about weight loss and surgery is available on www.gastricbands.co.uk

Top tips on healthy ways to lose weight include:

  • Make a conscious decision to lose weight healthily as a “way of life” not just a “diet.”
  • Plan your eating routine and meals around daily activities.
  • Teach yourself about nutritional eating and healthy living.
  • Monitor the nutritional value on food labels.
  • Stop regular eating of junk food, instead reduce it to once a week.
  • Choose nutritional snacks to replace junk food.
  • Eat a variety of foods.
  • Drink water during and before meal times.
  • Walk for about twenty minutes before and after a meal.
  • Choose an exercise you take pleasure in and do it regularly.
  • Ask for support from others losing weight.
  • Consult a medical doctor or practitioner about your nutritional intake and weight.

Obesity: Weight loss medication and surgery

Obesity can severely affect a person’s overall mental and physical health. Pills or surgery, including the likes of weight loss surgery, gastric band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, may be prescribed in addition to an individual following healthy living options, to reduce the harmful effects of excessive weight. Medical advice or counselling on healthier living is vital for good health and well-being, so book an appointment with your doctor is you are having weight problems.

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