What Are The Most Common Anxiety Symptoms Experienced By People Today?

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What Are The Most Common Anxiety Symptoms Experienced By People Today?Anxiety attacks and anxiety disorders are common. In general, they are characterised by a strong sense of unease, nervousness or worry. Some sufferers experience intense anxiety attacks, disrupting their daily life. This article hopes to reveal some of the most common anxiety symptoms experienced by those suffering with anxiety-related disorders.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that there are both physical and psychological anxiety symptoms. How many symptoms an individual suffers differs from person to person. One individual may only suffer from one or two symptoms, whilst others may have many.

Let’s begin with the psychological symptoms of anxiety. These are symptoms that a lot of people are aware of. After all, when something is causing you a significant amount of worry and unease, it is only natural that your behaviour will alter. Some of the most common symptoms include; being easily distracted, becoming impatient, being irritated easily, finding it difficult to concentrate, feeling on edge all of the time, and feeling a sense of dread and restlessness. Often, these symptoms can enhance the feeling of anxiety, because the sufferer may worry about them. For example, a person’s social life can be affected, because they may find themselves avoiding social situations. Work may become difficult too, and this can result in more worrying.

Anxiety disorders also have a range of physical symptoms, including; insomnia, missing periods, painful periods, urinating frequently, thirsty all of the time, headaches, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach aches, shortness of breath, sweating excessively, dry mouth, muscle tension and aches, palpitations, pins and needles, tiredness, drowsiness and dizziness.

Some people suffering with anxiety disorders do not know where their anxiety has stemmed from. Of course, if you don’t know why you are worrying, this can cause even greater unease, because you then begin to fret about what you could be worrying about. It is important to try and understand where this feeling has come from, and that is why seeing a professional is recommended. On the other hand, some sufferers already know where their feeling of anxiety comes from, because they may have phobias. This phobia then results in anxiety arising. Individuals will avoid being in these situations or they will have methods in place in order to minimise the panic as much as possible.

To conclude, anxiety is a very broad term, and there are many different reasons why an individual may develop an anxiety disorder. There are both physical and psychological symptoms associated with anxiety disorders, with the extent to which these impact sufferers differing from person to person. If you feel you are suffering with anxiety, it’s important to seek professional help immediately. It will help you to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible.

Summary – Anxiety is something that is experienced by a lot of people in the current day and age. Are you suffering from it? This article reveals some of the most common anxiety symptoms.

Author bio – Tommy Buer has been a qualified freelance journalist for the past five years. He previously helped individuals suffering from anxiety symptomswhich stemmed his natural progression into health journalism.


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