Working in the NHS as a Mental Nurse

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United Kingdom citizens who have an interest in mental health, should consider a career as a mental nurse in the NHS. The NHS is the organization that provides health care for all of the United Kingdoms citizens. Mental nurses are in high demand everywhere and the NHS is no exception. Working in the NHS as a mental nurse is a demanding position. Not only are you required to treat patients who are already suffering from sort of mental ailment, but determine the origin of the illness.

3 out of 10 people suffer from at least one form of mental illness. Working in the NHS as a mental nurse requires team work. Mental nurses work in cooperation with general practitioners, social workers, health aides, and other key medical staff, to create a treatment plan to bring the mental illness under control.

Unlike working as a traditional nurse, mental illness is often treated on an outpatient basis within the community. The NHS believes strongly that mental illness can be treated sufficiently by communicating with the patient and family. A mental nurse working in the NHS will need to have empathy for their patients and what they are dealing with.

NHS mental nurses must use a full set of tools in order to accurately do their job. Not only is empathy important, mental nurses working in the NHS, must also utilize their ability to diffuse often tense situations. Patients who suffer from mental illness often have a lot of hostility and pent up aggressions. This anger and hostility is often directed at authority. Many mental illness patients do not see NHS mental nurses as someone trying to help them, but rather someone trying to control their life for them. It is vital that NHS mental nurses be able to talk through whatever anger their patients are dealing with, and diffuse what could possibly be violent situations.

Working as a mental nurse in the NHS, is no doubt a rewarding career. Using a full set of skills including working within a team of social workers, general practitioners, and health assistants creates a comprehensive patient care plan. Mental nurses working in the NHS must also be able to diffuse situations that could become violent or otherwise harmful to themselves, their staff, or the patient. Mental health nurses need to have the ability to work with families and the patient to create a healthful mental state.

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